Jun 15

Cannes 2009: intervija ar TV & Print žūrijas prezidentu Dāvidu Lubaru (BBDO)

DavidLubarsL Nākošnedēļ noritēs viens no gada nozīmīgākajiem reklāmas notikumiem – ikgadējais, nu jau 56. Kannu festivāls

Šogad TV un Print žuriju prezidents ir BBDO Worldwide radošais direktors, leģendāro, Kannās iepriekš triumfējušo BMW filmu (2003) un HBO Voyer kampaņas (2008) "tēvs" un virsuzraugs – David Lubars. Neticami spilgta, elektrizēta un iedvesmojoša personība. 
AdWeek tikko kā publicēta plašāka intervija ar Dāvidu, kurā viņš izklāsta savus uzskatus par aģentūru kultūru, spilgta radošā darba lomu un par reklāmas festivālu un žūrijas vadītāja lomu. 

Pievienoju, manuprāt, spilgtākās atziņas no AdWeek intervijas, tās pat nemēģinot tulkot: 


On the role of ad festivals

You could view Cannes and other big shows as a primer on how to take the power of creativity out for a ride, press the pedal down, and see what it can do on a bumpy economic road. 


It's not an exact science, it never can be. But if a bunch of creative people who rarely agree on anything believe one piece stands out from thousands, it probably is working hard to get noticed.

On importance of agency culture

  • You believe an agency culture has to remain liquid, that you have to keep stirring it to prevent it from hardening into immoveable cement; 
  • You believe in constant improvement; you embrace and utilize the chaos that is an agency culture rather than try to tame it. 
  • You fail together sometimes, but you're fortunate to succeed much more. It's difficult. 
  • You're tired at the end of the day, but you're constantly refueled by the fact that you're creating things that contribute to the clients' success in important ways

On agencies David worked for (Fallon and BBDO)

I've only worked with a few agencies, and the decision to join them came down to the same question: Whether we all agreed that big ideas are economic multipliers for clients. It's not award-winning work so much as giving them big ideas. Yes, big ideas do win awards.

On the best campaigns he has created

All three happened exactly the same way. You had clients who wanted something new to crack the "cement" we talked about. And you had creative people, production people, account people, planners and everyone else who believed in a big idea and killed themselves to make it happen.

On why awards are so important so highly valued

We believe in awards because it distinguishes us from our competitors. If you win a sports championship, forever you are the champ. Even if you do nothing else, it cannot be denied that you won the World Series. 

That's not the way it works in our industry. You are only as good as what you do now, that's why I don't get too worked up.

On challenges judging TV category

Film isn't necessarily 30 seconds. It's all overlapping. We're looking for the freshest things as well. Film is new again because you can do so many things with it.

On the role of Cannes Jury President

It's this simple and this difficult: We have one job, which is to recognize the most incredible, mind-blowing, beautiful, funny, provocative, moving, gripping work — the stuff you look at and feel hate and envy. All I can be is my humblest, firmest, most honest, sincerest and best to make sure we focus on the right thing.

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